Shakib Hossain

Hi, I am a computer science graduate. Skilled at technical leadership, communication and presentations. Experienced in full project life cycle from design to implementation to integration. Offering 3 years in web application development using ReactJS and Django.

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I am originally from Bangladesh, currently residing in Canada. Passionate about applying technology to solve real world problems and care deeply about making our earth a better place. To solve a given problem, I consider different approaches and try to pick the most efficient one. I like to take inspiration from my surroundings.


Amazon Clone

Built with React JS, Node JS, Stripe JS and Firebase

Instagram Clone

Built with React JS and Firebase

Movie Recommendation

Built with Django and OMDB API

Restaurant Search App

Built with React Native & Yelp API

Health Monitoring App

Built with Android (Java) & Shimmer API

Simple Messaging App

Built with Android (Java) and

Technical Skills

Java Programming, Frontend Development, Backend Development & Api Interfacing, Android Development, Cross Platform App Development

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